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Planix Oy was founded more than 20 years ago in Finland. Initially, the company specialized in CAD projects, large copiers and scanners as well as software solutions from leading global brands in the field of electronic archiving. Planix Oy became a pioneer in developing and adapting the first electronic state archive in Finland. The company has supplied large-scale electronic archiving solutions to over 100 major international companies and authorities. Among Planix's loyal customers are 
• state organizations
• cities and municipalities
• research agencies
• corporations
The success with leading vendors, corporations and authorities made it possible to expand Planix's scope and open up new directions as Planix Group. Additionally to the legacy business Planix Group offers today cyber-safe infrastructure, easy-to-use satellite connection, cyber artificial intelligence, information security, data transfer, communication, storage, guaranteed distribution of correct information, smart advertising, the future internet and services through it's European offices, North American offices and network of agents world wide. Our technology combines new technologies and existing technologies into one whole. 

our products

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