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Hello, from Planix Group

Planix companies and its partners enable cyber-safe infrastructure, easy-to-use satellite connection, cyber artificial intelligence, information security, data transfer, communication, storage, guaranteed distribution of correct information, smart advertising and the future internet. Our technology combines new technologies and existing technologies into one whole.

As a shareholder of the International Trade Transparency Center (ICTTM), Harri Laitinen has been actively involved in promoting the likelihood of transparency and the security of internal trade. A role on the AI Council means acting as a representative of the International Trade Council (ITC), providing strategic insights, sharing industry expertise, and advancing the overall mission and goals of the AI Council and the Internal Trade Council as a whole.

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Harri Laitinen, CEO of Planix Oy - Board Member of the Business Council for Artificial Intelligence (ITC) ​and a shareholder of the International Center for Trade Transparency (ICTTM).

Harri Laitinen, a distinguished Board Member of the Business Council for Artificial Intelligence within the International Trade Council, is a seasoned professional renowned for his profound expertise in international trade, supply chains, and artificial intelligence. As the CEO of Planix Oy, his contributions to the industry have been invaluable.

Planix Oy operates at the forefront of technology, facilitating easy-to-use satellite connections, cyber artificial intelligence, data security, data transfer, communication, storage, and guaranteed distribution of accurate information. Their innovative technology combines emerging and existing technologies, shaping the future of information and communication.

Harri's journey in this industry commenced with a background in automation and electrical design, which he expanded into various other design-related fields. His experience in import-export business laid the groundwork for his ventures into electronic archiving, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), electronic warfare (EW), and advanced communication technologies where artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role.

His educational background and practical experience have been instrumental in his career. Education in automation and electrical design instilled the importance of physics and chemistry in all activities, while hands-on experience in diverse industries and construction provided a solid foundation for innovation.

Throughout his career, Harri has been involved in key projects and initiatives, notably in the utilization of automation in design and industrial production, electronic archiving in companies and authorities, expertise in UAV and EW technology, and the development of cyber-secure communication and data/ID management on land and in space.

One of his proudest accomplishments is his role in promoting cooperation to enhance transparency and security in international trade as a shareholder in the International Center for Trade Transparency (ICTTM). His commitment to improving communication systems and information integrity contributes to the growth and progress of the entire industry.

Reflecting on industry evolution, Harri notes the significant shift from paper-based operations to electronic formats and systems, emphasizing the rapid pace of technological change.

The current challenges in the industry revolve around technology efficiency outpacing safety measures, a phenomenon Harri aptly compares to a powerful car engine with other components lagging behind. Key challenges include information content, user management and identification, cyber security, and understanding artificial intelligence.

Looking ahead, Harri envisions the industry advancing rapidly in artificial intelligence, information content, user management and identification, cyber security, and their mutual understanding. These developments are poised to enhance existing and future systems' functionality.

He is particularly excited about the role of artificial intelligence in the next decade, foreseeing its transformative impact on production and economic development.

For newcomers to the industry, Harri advises acquiring a strong foundation in the field, emphasizing efficient and reliable networking, and relying on verified information sources for sound decision-making.

In handling setbacks and challenges, Harri's approach is pragmatic—clarify, understand, create effective solutions, and implement them correctly. He views challenges as integral to personal and professional growth.

Harri's role models are diverse, drawn from people, companies, organizations, nature, and even the behavior of animals. He seeks inspiration from the ever-changing world, reflecting a curiosity about the interconnectedness of life and technology.

Outside of his professional life, Harri's interests extend to humans, animals, nature, and technology. He explores their relationships and energy movements, embodying a deep curiosity about the dynamic world and life itself.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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