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Communication and information content with artificial intelligence and cyber security

Planix and its partners enable easy-to-use cyber artificial intelligence, information security, data transfer, communication, storage, guaranteed distribution of correct information, smart advertising, and the internet of the future. Our technology combines new and existing technologies into one cohesive system.

By developing and producing easy-to-use, cyber-safe identification, information, and communication solutions for users, companies, and organizations, we ensure reliability for information-based decisions and activities, as well as for smart marketing and the internet of the future. Operations are conducted in accordance with current and new laws. As a result, we provide a new generation of solutions that offer a very high level of security to private individuals, companies, or authorities.


The rapid technological development of space enables further development of operations and even completely new methods of operation. The ground operator's restrictions do not limit the operation. Direct connections through space enable data transfer with unprecedented precision and security. We are living in a new era, whether it's traditional communication or cross-device technology. The future is characterized by growing cooperation in space and on earth.

We see new services, operators and customers ... as the unlimited market grows.


Why the new cyber security?

Artificial intelligence combined with cyber security brings new opportunities for ensuring correctness, authentication, and identification of problems and data solutions. Whether it's information/data sources, documents, art, audio, videos, or IDs (individual, company, and authority), the integration of artificial intelligence and cyber security opens up new possibilities.

Ease of use is a human way of working, creating the basis for using the system.

We strive to develop ourselves and achieve better and better results faster.

This has to be a priority.

The integrity of the information content is the foundation for making your own and others' decisions and taking actions (the importance of this can never be emphasized enough). Many different factors can affect it, such as the visual appearance, where the information may be highlighted or even missing (due to viewing technology, printing technology, etc.), verified or unverified information content (how do we know if the information is correct or incorrect), data transfer (whether the file is transferred in whole or in part, and how can it be verified?), communication technology (do we receive all messages and is their data content unchanged or incomplete?), manipulation (does someone change the data), and tracking/spying (who can see our data?). The integrity of the information content is the basis for making sound decisions and taking actions based on them.


Cyber-safe artificial intelligence supports the technology behind security:

  • Users can focus on essential matters, and time usage and productivity become more efficient.

  • ID management (for individuals, companies, and authorities) targets and identifies the entity and the entity responsible for the information or its owner.

  • The operation of artificial intelligence and its results is managed and recorded.

  • Data content is checked and saved.

  • Isolated operating systems (within existing ones) include the necessary authentication functions on different devices.

  • Improved and protected data transmission ensures and enhances the safety and integrity of data transmission.

  • Certified information distribution for information content.

  • Certified advertising distribution for information content.

  • Certified internet distribution for information content.

  • Certified electronic archive for information content.

  • Classified operation, designed for authorities and others who need it.

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