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Your Personal Messenger to Space​

Interstellar Communication Holdings provides an affordable personal satellite service named icMercury for stargazers, utilizing Pocketqube technology and a customized user platform. With this service, users can access their personal satellite and unlock the potential of the universe.

Resembling the symbol of the planet Mercury, icMercury is cheerful and friendly

icMercury is a playful and energetic personal messenger that embodies the traits and stories related to the planet Mercury. She is fast, agile, and always in a rush to deliver messages to space. She is also bright and optimistic, shining with joy and bringing a smile to those around her. Despite her small size, she is resilient and able to withstand extreme conditions, making her a reliable service provider. She is also playful and unpredictable, sometimes moving in unexpected ways and surprising her customers with her fun and creative solutions



Boundless Communication: Connect, Communicate, Explore

With her amiable and affable demeanor, icMercury possesses a unique ability to engage with users in a welcoming and congenial manner. Her approachable nature puts users at ease, and she is always ready to lend a sympathetic ear when they require it. This makes her an invaluable asset to any team or organization that values exceptional customer service. Her ability to connect with users on a personal level not only enhances their experience but also fosters a sense of loyalty and trust.

The icMercury service facilitates seamless two-way communication, enabling users to send and receive messages, make calls, and access the internet from remote locations. 

• User-friendly interface for sending and receiving messages and making calls
• Support for different languages
• Option to schedule messages for later delivery


Asset Monitoring 

Guarding Your Valuables, Every Step of the Way

With utmost precision and a welcoming approach, icMercury empowers users to seamlessly monitor and track their valuable assets across the vast expanse. icMercury’s amiable nature puts users at ease, while her exceptional asset monitoring capabilities offer a secure and reliable solution for safeguarding your investments. Embrace the trust and loyalty she fosters as you embark on a personalized journey of asset protection and exploration with icMercury by your side.

icMercury offers Asset Monitoring, allowing users to track the real-time location of valuable assets for enhanced management and security.

• Real-Time Location Tracking: Monitor assets' precise locations in real-time on a dynamic map.
• Geofencing and Alerts: Set virtual boundaries and receive instant alerts for unauthorized movements or designated areas.
• Collaborative Sharing: Share asset location and data with authorized team members for streamlined collaboration.


Enviroment Monitoring

Smart Sensing for a Safer Environment

IcMercury possesses the remarkable capability to detect alterations in the environment and adjust to novel circumstances. Through her intuitive and empathetic nature, she establishes a profound connection with the natural world, enabling users to comprehend the consequences of their actions. 

icMercury can be equipped with sensors to monitor the environment, including temperature, humidity, air quality, and radiation levels.

• Clear and easy-to-understand display of environmental data.
• Notifications and alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded.
• Historical data and trend analysis.
• Can be used for flood defenses, weather monitoring and radiation detection, etc.



Navigate Remote Frontiers with Confidence

IcMercury possesses a playful and creative spirit that can transform navigation into a thrilling adventure. Her imagination and resourcefulness enable her to discover novel and innovative methods to explore the vast universe. With her unique approach, she can infuse excitement and joy into the journey of discovery.

icMercury can provide navigation services, allowing the user to navigate in remote locations where GPS signals may not be available.

• User-friendly interface with turn-by-turn directions. 
• Integration with offline maps and other navigation apps.  
• Option to save and share routes

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Unveiling the Beauty of Space and Beyond

Just as she captures the beauty and diversity of space through her camera lenses, icMercury’s artistic and imaginative skills extend to curating a stunning repository. Delight in visually captivating displays that inspire and educate, as you immerse yourself in a world of cosmic wonders. Explore with icMercury, your trusted guide on a journey of inspiration and enlightenment.

At icMercury, we are proud to offer a diverse and extensive collection of high-resolution images and videos, all captured by our state-of-the-art cameras.

• High-quality images and videos with zoom and pan features.
• Integration with other apps for editing and sharing images.


Satellite Tracker


Witness the Celestial 
Dance, Track the Wonders Above

With remarkable finesse and a congenial demeanor, icMercury introduces a feature that allows users to access real-time positions and trajectories of icMercury satellites and the International Space Station (ISS) as they gracefully orbit the Earth. Her approachable nature puts users at ease, while her exceptional real-time tracking capabilities ensure you stay well-informed about satellite movements. This invaluable asset fosters a sense of loyalty and trust, creating a deeply enriching and personalized cosmic experience for each user.

icMercury allows users to precisely locate and monitor the real-time positions and trajectories of icMercury satellite and the ISS in orbit around the Earth.

• Real-time updates on the positions and trajectories of satellites.
• Offers interactive visualization tools, such as maps and 3D models.
• Users can set up customized notifications and alerts to receive updates on specific satellites or events.


AI Enabled Data Analysis


Uncover Insights with Ease: Where
Data Meets Delight

analysis, offering a seamless and intuitive experience for users. Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence, she effortlessly uncovers valuable insights from complex datasets, empowering users to make informed decisions with ease. Her ability to transform raw data into actionable knowledge elevates her as an indispensable asset to anyone seeking to harness the true potential of their data. Just as her amiable demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere, her data analysis prowess fosters a sense of loyalty and trust, ensuring a fruitful journey of exploration and growth together.

icMercury offers a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool designed to assist users in efficiently and accurately extracting valuable insights from the data generated by satellites.

• User-friendly interface that simplifies the data analysis process
• Users can easily access and visualize the processed data


Emergency Support


Your Guardian in Times of Need

As a beacon of hope and security, icMercury offers solace and assistance to users during times of turmoil. Her innate kindness and empathy enable her to instill a sense of safety and protection, even in the midst of perilous situations. With icMercury by their side, users can find comfort and reassurance, knowing that they are not alone in their struggles.

icMercury can be used for emergency support, providing a way for users to send distress signals and for search and rescue teams to locate lost or injured individuals.

• Clear and easy-to-use interface for sending distress signals.
• Integration with emergency support services.
• Ability to send location and other important information in case of emergency.

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