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iCognativeTM is a patented technology based on P300 brain wave science and a new and cost-effective tool that is ready to revolutionize areas such as law enforcement, forensics, criminal justice, counter-terrorism and intelligence and heralds a whole new era in security and intelligence gathering.

Investigating repeat crimes has always been challenging and a large part of the crimes remain unproven, even if the objects of interest are caught. Reasons for denying guilt against you are very difficult due to lack of investigation or, in many cases, because they do not provide final conclusive evidence to nail the criminal. Often the innocent are punished because of a wrongful conviction.

Criminals and terrorists know who they are and what they have done. This knowledge is undeniably stored in their brains. The essential difference between a criminal and an innocent person is that for the criminal, the crime-specific information always has a high and special meaning for the criminal, and he always has complete information about the crime in his brain, while the innocent suspect simply does not. Accordingly, the brain of a trained terrorist has stored special expert and experiential knowledge related to terrorism, which the innocent does not have.

iCognativeTM technology is designed to detect this information stored in the brain of the criminal. Used correctly, iCognative has the potential to provide the indisputable evidence that judges seek and that investigators strive to unearth. This technology can provide evidence to accurately and scientifically identify criminals and terrorists. The test measures brain wave reactions to words related to crime or terrorism or to images displayed on the Subject screen.

So far, the Testing has not led to any errors – there have been no false positives or false negatives. It has given highly accurate results in thousands of tests and real field conditions. Before, this brain-based display was not available for scientific measurements. Now investigators can solve crimes in an instant.

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